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We have committed ourselves to the creative liaison between product, market, technology and environment. Unfalteringly since 1962.

  • Market and Product

    Market and Product

    Hang you out to dry. Our fabrics are designed to be a second skin, to be its closest layer.


  • Technology and profession

    Technology and profession

    We are completely analogous. The manufacturer’s creed has its eternal validity for us.


  • Nature and Environment

    Nature and Environment

    Think green, produce colourful. We are doing all we can for our environment because we are part of it.



  • 4 Million meters of production meters annually
  • 95% export ratio
  • Lingerie, intimates, function and wellbeing
  • Nightwear, homewear, loungewear and shapewear

Market and Product

Hang you out to dry? Our fabrics are designed to be a second skin, to be its closest layer.

Thus we take charge of producing lingerie that are so fashionably creative and so technically advanced that you will always be at ease. We won't hang you out to dry.

We have institutionalised decades of collaboration with international design studios. Day in and out, we only think about clothes and what the print patterns or colours or fabrics might look like. We are bubbling over with ideas, live off the permanent inspiration and constantly provide new ideas to our customers. We stimulate and spur on.

Through us, everyone is hot for everyone's knickers. That's just how it is.


  • 55 employees
  • Distinguished teaching company
  • State innovation award

Technology and profession

We are completely analogous. The manufacturer's creed has its eternal validity for us.

This approach has never changed. The feeling for colour and touch only stems from dexterity. This is what distinguishes our prints. And yet we are always up to date. There has never been a higher demand for handmade quality products.

New ideas and inspiration are the priority at Rueff. We have a young team working on the liaison between tradition and modernity. We are characterised by flexibility and technical know-how. Simply because we love puzzling over solutions and thus enjoy the fun aspects of manufacturing. We will print anything that is neither small nor narrow minded.

Each of our printers, mixers and colourists has a passion for detail, and it is beautiful to be working with such creative people. Beautiful yet at the same time mighty hard, sometimes.


  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class I Certification
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Organic cotton

Nature and Environment

Think green, produce colourful. We are doing all we can for our environment because we are part of it.

All of our workers have a tree or palm at their workplace and of which they are taking care. One has got to start somewhere.

Green is never far from us. The extravagant Rueff factory is surrounded by sprouting trees, green meadows and vast fields. And, of course, by a effervescent creek, with whom we have had the odd adventure - In spite or because of its overestimation of competence and emotional spills. Without our river, business would not be running as fluently. We are interwoven with nature the way it is: green, yet colourful.


We are colourists and printers, artists and technicians, dreamers and realists.
Sometimes all of these and at the same time.


Employee profiles



The person with the view and the whistle


What’s the difference between a referee and a fabrics printer?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Never mind. We have an answer: The only difference is the whistle. It sounds confusing but it’s true.

Nihad is the living proof. He has been working with us ever since he stared his apprenticeship in 2001. He is a true Rueff child.

He needs to stay on top of things in the factory just like he would on the playing field. Only his whistle stays home. At the printers, his professional sharp eye suffices. He knows how to avoid "printing fouls" and referee insults. An overlooked offsite might occur. But that’s part of the game.

In the end, Nihat is just himself.
The person with the view and the whistle.



The colour wizard and contrast feeler


In our province, it’s not that common to be moving from one hill to the other.

One rather travels from the mountain to the valley or the other way round. For Silvia, life led her from Batschuns to Übersaxen.

What’s that to do with work, you might ask. Let us speculate uninhibitedly: She kept the base but changed the point of view. Which makes a lot of sense if your everyday business is collection design. Coloration, patterns and colours are her professional points of view. In her private life, she explores the facets of creation, arts and crafts. The contrasts are significant: concrete, iron, wood, wool, yarn. We will explore the contrasts resulting from the change of home hills some other time.

In the end, Silvia is just herself.
The colour wizard and contrast feeler.



The sailor of the seven seas and...


"Follow me" is what the convinced helmsman and confident CEO says.

The comparison is obvious.

There’s only one minor flaw when applying it to Bertold: He is not really the dictating loud captain. To the contrary - Restraint is the name of his game. His hobby sailing has taught him lessons for his life’s journey: Try to avoid rowing motions and sharp bends. He steers the Rueff ship through the peculiarities of Hundertwasser. And the helmsman knows: a calm is always a calm and a tempest is always a tempest. The whole trick is to know exactly what needs to be done.

Schlussendlich ist Bertold er selbst.
The sailor of the seven seas and entrepreneurial spirit.



The customer carer and nature-boy


Flowers can teach you a lot. They grow whenever the circumstances permit them to.

And if circumstances are less than ideal, they restrain themselves.

"I like to watch the flowers grow." This statement might be of crucial importance when explaining why Clemens has been part of the sales team for the last three years. His bosses attest him qualities such as perseverance, determination, punctuality and a beutiful work spirit. "Thanks for the flowery words", one can only think. Clemens is part of the next Rueff generation, growing with his responsibilities. Similar to the flowers in your parents’ garden.

In the end, Clemens is just himself.
The customer carer and nature-boy.



The burglar and gourmand


A set daily routine is key.

If a cogwheel is supposed to work flawlessly, each cog and notch has to be reliable.

For Mauzi, this means that she gets her appetizers from Harry, has a proper can of cat food at Ingrid’s and then heads to the laboratory for a little nap. Yet nobody really knows how Mauzi gets into the building in the first place….. There has to be a security leak somewhere in the masonry. On the bright side, there are no longer any mice around.

In the end, Mauzi is just herself.
The burglar and gourmand.


Our ideas stem from the unity of the ornate architecture and the good spirits living within.


  • Founded at the beginning of the 1960s by Alfred Rueff (1918 - 1969)
  • Characterized by Franz Bischof (1935 - 1999) with his darling, the brand "Art Rueff"
  • Designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928 - 2000) with his soft spot for paintings, colours, onion-shaped towers, architecture and ecology. Hundertwasser was an austrian artist with great international importance www.hundertwasser.at, Wikipedia
  • Carried on by Bertold Bischof with his focus on generation-responsibility

"A vibrant green in dappled shade, yet not too flat!" Most colours originate in the heart, one could say. This was certainly true for Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser.

When he suddenly showed up at the gates of the old Rueff factory, everything felt like providence. He wanted to award his new home New Zealand with a flag. A flag featuring this special green and no Union Jack. The flag printery in Vienna was at a loss with this colour specification. In Muntlix, however, phantasies immediately danced. One thing led to the other.

"The flag is so pretty, yet the factory is so ugly." Today, the aftermath of this comment is a wonderful legend. In 1988, the dream factory opened its gates. Uneven floors, round corners, onion-domed towers and numerous flags. The vision of the disentanglement of human and architectural geometrization is alive. It’s alive all over the factory. Thanks to Hundertwasser.

Everything here is inspiration. Colours and forms, corners and edges, waves and lines. A building flooded with art, since textile printing is applied art. Arik Brauer, Wolfgang Hutter, Ernst Fuchs, Rudolf Hausner and Anton Lehmden paid us a visit. Amongst others, we have realised works by Rudolf Wacker, Max Weiler, Wolf Vostell and Christoph Kiefhaber. The Vorarlberg artist Paul Renner is a regular. We have even worked for the Andy Warhol Foundation. The factory seems like an exhibition center, where memories and visions are allowed the same space. For both are inspiration. And that’s what we live off.


A factory lives on what is happening inside every day. All of which is summarised in here. Clear as daylight.